Drinks' Menu




Making a GREAT cup of coffee takes experience and quality ingredients. Here's a few facts about how we roll:

Hot drinks are served in a 10oz cup and all of the coffees are based on a double shot of freshly ground espresso coffee.

We have spent a lot of time researching our beans are proud to serve beans from an award winning local roaster – Monsoon Estates based in Stratford-upon-Avon, whose ethical and professional approach impressed us as much as the taste.

We experimented with the different origins and blends until choosing a rich and delicious medium-dark roasted coffee – letting the natural flavours of the single origin shine through. Then we spent hours practicing and perfecting, consistent quality drinks over and over... and over again.

Ethics really matter to us which is why we are also proud to have put as much effort into sourcing our quality snacks so they not only taste good but use the finest quality ingredients available, locally.




Cappucinno / Latté / Flat White

Classic frothy coffees to your taste – be that a strong coffee with streamed milk or a rich and creamy milky coffee, served to perfection.



Enjoy the flavourful taste of expresso brought to life in a long, black coffee, with or without a splash of cold milk to taste.


Expresso / Macchiato

The start point of any great coffee, either a single or double shot of freshly ground whole roast coffee beans ground and tamped to allow the shot of hot water to extract the right blend of flavours from the beans in under half a minute. Or you can have a layer of steamed milk added to make the perfect macchiato. 

Hot chocolate / Mocha

Posh hot chocolate as you’ve rarely experienced before. Made by melting polished beads of 70% Ecuadoran dark chocolate, supplied by the award winning Sir Hans Sloane Chocolate, into hot, steamed milk for a rich and indulgent chocolatey mouth feel. Or you can combine the hot chocolate with the espresso to create a Mocha that delivers both coffee and chocolate in one drink.


Decaffeinated Coffee

To make sure that all coffee lovers can enjoy any of the coffees served, a high quality decaffeinated coffee is available. A rich and dark blend of Brazilian beans which are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process to ensure that you can enjoy a rich and full-bodied coffee flavour without the caffeine.

Speciality teas

We serve a variety of teas from the renowned Birchalls family. Breakfast teas, hand-picked from plantations in East Africa include the traditional English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas. Also available in biodegradable prism tea bags are Chinese Green tea and a fresh and invigorating Peppermint infusion.




snacks' Menu

We have a delicious selection of snacks on board...


Paleo bars

Choose from our delicious Paleo range made by award-winning Primal Joy, a local company founded out of the frustration of not being able to buy Free From foods that doesn't include refined sugar and unhealthy substitutes. The Primal Joy range of snacks provide options for those customers and athletes who are more discerning about their diet but still look forward to a tasty treat.


Panettoni cakes

Fancy something different from the more expected sweet offerings? Try one of our single portion panettoni cakes. Excellent recovery food after your run or ride or a more healthy breakfast option to go with your early morning Cappuccino – very continental!



No coffee shop would be complete without flapjack and brownie and we have both.  Choose from a range of brownies, flapjacks, granola bars and other guest traybake products.  All produced by a small family business and good enough to be sold at Wimbledon!


Sports nutrition 

Working with another local supplier, Nutritionworks have developed a number of sports nutrition products for some of the country’s largest sports nutrition brands. Included in this is a range of sports gels free from added sugar and preservatives. Available from the Barista Buggy at sports events only.